Brushing has never been easier. With Auto Sonic Brush you can automatically brush your teeth effectively and yet conveniently to brighten your smile.

Our product is designed to brush all teeth at once while covering all the spots. Whitening with Nano blue light and killing 99.9% of bacteria with the special toothpaste and breaking plaque using high vibrational frequencies in only 30 seconds!
More effective: Traditional toothbrushes effectiveness depends on your technique and time, dental experts say brushing should be done in a circular motion for at least 2 minutes, and your child may not addressing every tooth or brushing for enough time because they're getting bored.
The Auto Sonic Brush cleans all the teeth and spots at once without the need for almost any motion at all.

Fast and focused: Because Auto Sonic Brush cleans all surface spots at the same time, you can finish brushing after just 30 seconds!

Safer & Cleaner: The material of the regular toothbrushes can scratch teeth and gums, doing damage over time. They are also harder to clean and it means part of the germs are still there.
The soft, silicone bristles are not only effective in cleaning power but are safe for teeth and gums. It’s also easy to clean for your little one!

Even though the Auto Sonic Brush cleans more comprehensively, you should still floss as recommended by your dentist.

Detailed on Product's page.

Press the button to begin a brushing cycle that last 30 seconds. This is the tested time for a proper cleaning. For a deeper clean you can run an additional cycle.
No, the Auto Sonic Brush uses low temperature nano blue light.

Yes, the Auto Sonic Brush brush all the edges of your teeth!

The grade is IPX7. No need to worry about water, but please keep charging pad away from water to avoid damage.

Yes! The product is perfectly safe for braces, dentures and veneers. You may need to move the brush around your mouth during the cleaning cycle to make sure all the areas around your brackets get cleaned.

Please check the product page and scroll down to see the details.

You should replace them every 2-3 months to maintain the best experience.

The brush head should be washed after each use and the body can be cleaned once a month with warm water and wiping it with soft cloth.

Sure, but for getting the most efficient results we recommend using our special toothpaste, that works best with the device for whitening and cleaning.

100% free of flouride and gluten and it is vegan as well.